Spacious and Interactive (Smart) Class rooms to make learning alive, visual and vibrant experience

Highly Qualified and experienced staff

Well - equipped laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Information Technology Laboratory to train students in the use of computers.

Standard Library with 2500 study material and preparation for competitive exams

Bank facility for fee payment

Kindergarten and Play materials for KG classes

Separate recreational zone for small children

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtered drinking water

Modern, hygienic and child-friendly wash rooms

Creative Arts Workshop to nurture the inherent talent of students in fine art, commercial art, origami and other crafts

Big Campus with trees & several courts for differents games

Out door & Indoor games

Regular evaluation, copy check and class test.

Standard syllabus

CCTV Cameras for tight security

Free fitness programme and other physical activities in the evening

Bus Service    


House System

The House system has been introduced in the school. Its aim is to inculcate in the students the spirit of unity and collaboration so that each one contributing his/her own proper efforts and talents, may help to build up his/her House on the foundation of learning, sportsmanship and fine arts of dance and music.

It also aims at fostering in the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time to enkindle and develop the social qualities latent in every child.

The House System channelizes the discipline in the school and school life with all its complex activities and directs the energies school pupils in the classroom.

The entire school has been divided into Four Houses. Each House has a captain and a Vice-captain.

To foster the spirit of self-reliance and responsibility, the marking System on the dash board has been introduced for all Curricular and Co-curricular activities of the school.

Fitness Centre to impart physical training in PT, yoga, karate, aerobics, pyramids, lazim and meditation.  

Digital Communication Studio to train students in public speaking; to expose them to the world of multimedia and mass communication and to develop listening and speaking skills with an accent and style internationally accepted