Admission Procedure and Withdrawal

  1. "Application for admission" forms are to be obtained and filled in by the parents during the prescribed period as required by the school.
  2. An attested photocopy of an official Birth Certificate from Municipality, Panchayat or Baptism Certificate should be attached to the application forms.
  3. The registered candidates along with their parents will be called for a meeting with the Principal as per dates and time written on the receipt of application. Original Birth Certificate (stating clearly child's name, date of Birth, parents' name and surname) should be brought along for verification by the Principal.
  4. A list of selected students will be displayed on the school notice board. Parents of selected candidates should pay fees as fixed by the management, get an admission form from the office, fill true details and submit it as required of them.
  5. At no time and under no circumstances will any request for a change in the date of birth or name be entertained unless the same is published in the government gazette.
  6. Parents should complete the admission formalities within the prescribed period. SEATS WILL NOT BE KEPT RESERVED.
  7. We ordinarily admit students at the beginning of the academic year. Admissions to H.K.G. and above are granted only when vacancies arise and that too after the candidate passes the Entrance Test in languages, Mathematics and Sciences. Such students must submit a valid Transfer certificate from the previous school, counter signed by educational authorities if deemed necessary.
  8. The management holds the right to determine on what conditions it may admit or detain pupils in the school. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission without furnishing reasons.
  9. Withdrawal of a student from the school requires a 30 days' notice in lieu of one month's fees.
  10. Duplicate copies of T.C. are normally not issued, in special cases such certificate may be issued after verification, on payment of Rs. 100/-
  11. No transfer of students from one institute to other of our own society