Life is a celebration. We need persons to celebrate. Celebrations play a significant role in school life. Just as celebrations have an indispensable function in human community to foster national integration and international understanding among the students various national, cultural and religious festivals are celebrated with the staff and students in a grand manner. Modern education attributes equal weightage to both academic and non-academic areas. Schools are expected to be centres where the myriad skills of the learners get honed. The different co- curricular activities organised during the course of every academic year

Literary & Cultural Activities

Literary Activities provide ample opportunities to every learner to exhibit his or her skill in multiple areas like English and Hindi handwriting, extempore speech, poem, rhymes, storytelling, quiz, spell bee, elocution, debate, essay writing, clay molding, best out of west, poster making, caption and slogan writing, dramatics, Singing Music and dance, Drawing and painting, decoration, Rangoli, Card board work, Student self government, Art and craft etc. These activities aid in boosting and reinforcing the confidence level of the learners leading to their all-round development

Festivals celebrated in our school are; Deepawali, Eid, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Ghandhi and Shastri Jayanti, Teachers’ day, Children's day, Re-public day, Independence day, Inter religious dialogue and Foundation day etc.) Our school celebrates School Annual day and sports meet every alternative year.