1. There will be three main examination for KG classes during the academic session-

      (i) Quarterly                      ii) Half-Yearly                        (iii) Final

  1. There will be two main examination for classes  I to VIII during the  academic session-


            (i)         Periodic Test First ;                                         10 Marks

            (ii)        Note Book Submission :                                    05 Marks

           (iii)        Subject Enrichment Activities :                          05 Marks

            (iv)       First Term Written Examination :                      80 Marks



            (i)        Periodic Test Second :                                    10 Marks

           (ii)         Note Book Submission :                                  05 Marks

          (iii)         Subject Enrichment Activities :                       05 Marks

           (iv)        Final Written Examination :                            80 Marks

  1. For Classes IX & X, there will be three periodic written tests for 10 Marks; i) Pre Mid Term ii) Mid Term iii) Post Mid Term besides Final exam in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken :

(I)      Periodic Written Test                                                 10 Marks

(ii)    Notebook Submission                                                05 Marks

(iii)   Subject Enrichment Activities                                   05 Marks

Student has to secure 30% marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject.

(iv)  Final Examination will be conducted for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject. Students has to secure 33% marks out of overall 80 in each subject separately.

  1. For class XI & XII, Three will be three examination, mainly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Final.
  1. Regular class tests are a feature and the performance of the students  and  will be considered for promotion.
  2. Students absenting themselves from any of these examinations or tests are not re-examined, whatever may be the reasons. Parents should ensure that their wards are regular for all the examinations.
  3. Answer sheets of periodic examinations are shown to the parents for the improvement of their wards. Parents are expected to contact the class teachers within the scheduled time period for the same. Answer script of final examinations are not shown.
  4. To avoid unhealthy competition among the students to secure particular rank that becomes a prestige issue for parents and to broaden their outlook about the evaluation process, students will be awarded 'Grades' instead of 'Ranks' in all main examinations.
  5. A student who uses unfair means during examinations will be given zero in that subject and will be issued T.C. on repetition.
  6. A pupil who fails twice in the same class shall not be allowed to continue in the school under any circumstances.
  7. If a student does not appear at the main examination he/she will be considered to have failed except on account of sickness, subject to the discretion of the Principal.
  8. A pupil may not be allowed to sit in the annual examination, if he/she has not put in a minimum of 75% of the attendance of the academic session concluding.
  9. Progress Reports are given after each exams for K.G. and others after each term.